The app that allows users to watch YouTube videos without ads is shutting down, here’s why

After being confronted with a legal threat from googlethe popular one vanced YouTube app is being discontinued. The developers have confirmed that they have halted all further development of the project and Vanced has been officially discontinued.

Vanced has been discontinued. Over the next few days, the download links on the website will be removed. We know this isn’t something you wanted to hear, but it’s something we need to do. Thank you all for supporting us over the years, ‘ the brand wrote in a tweet.

According to the replies to the original tweet, the app will continue to work so for those who have already installed it. However, the developers do note that there is a chance that one day it will stop working.

YouTube Vanced is a modified version of the original app that allows users to block all video ads on YouTube without a premium subscription. Vanced also includes a true black theme and customizations not offered in the official YouTube for android app.

Meanwhile, YouTube is bringing video transcriptions to its Android app. With this new feature, users don’t have to sit in front of a computer to scroll through a script.

Once the video is live, they can click the ‘Show Transcript’ button below a video’s in-depth description, sandwiched between all of the provided chapters and other suggested uploads from the channel.

These transcription options are quite similar to what has been available on desktop for a while, but converted to a mobile-friendly user interface.



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