How to Get a Full Screen Image on Hulu to Chromecast Without Going to Full Screen

When you go to Hulu and start your video, make sure you watch it as a pop-out video. Right click on the window bar at the top and choose “show as tab” Start casting that tab and now you have a much fuller screen without having to go into full screen mode so you can … Read more

No SU binary is installed and SuperSU cannot install it.

Hello everyone, I finally gave in to ask for help after spending hours on the internet. Phone information: Model Number: SGH-T999 Android version: 4.3 Problem (story and situation): I wanted to remove my phone so I can get OTA updates. I read that all I had to do was go to SuperSU and click “Full … Read more

My review of the Blue Parrot B450-XT

My review of the Blue Parrot B450-XT-0323181724b.jpg

UPDATE: Added review of the newer B550-XT in comment #15. I’ve only covered the differences between it and the B450-XT in this review, so read this first post first as it usually applies to the B550-XT as well. B450-XT review I have been a fan of the Blue Parrot headset line for years. As a … Read more

S20 FE vs. S10 Impressions

What’s all there! So I now have both phones. The S10 is my all-time favorite phone, I still think it’s the most complete phone, but I won’t go into that right now. I wasn’t going to pre-order the S20 FE, but when I found out that Samsung was offering me $350 in credits for my … Read more

How can I scan the QR code with my standard Samsung camera.

Samsung doesn’t have a QR reader built into the default camera app. But built into the standard internet browser. Samsung’s latest internet browser comes with the QR code reading feature. So you don’t need to install a third party. To enable the QR code reading feature:open the internet browser > Menu button > Extensions and … Read more

Notification shadow in lock screen

Ok, so I’m a convert to the iPhone, so forgive me stupid questions. Should the notification shade be accessible from the lock screen? On my ONE it seems to be, although not always. I get an email and I can swipe down to read the notification, later I get a GV message or another email … Read more