Report a player (hacker/team killer) on PUBG mobile

In any multiplayer game there will always be players who seem “better than others”. For example, in PUBG, you have encountered some players who exhibit strange or extraordinary abilities in the game such as walking speed, better armor, level 3 weapons or so. These are not “regular” players, but those who use cheat codes or hacks to win the game.

Then there are this other type of players who are team killers who kill their own teammates to get their loot or just for fun. However, PUBG Corporation has introduced an in-game feature for XBOX to report a play. However, in PUBG mobile, things are a bit different and complicated.

If you have also witnessed such issues in the game and want to report players, then follow our step-by-step guide on how to report a player in the game.

1. You need to know the player name or player ID to report
2. You must be running the latest version 0.80 or higher of the game.

Steps to follow:


Tap the ‘Invite’ button and go to the ‘Recent’ section


Tap the player’s name and copy his profile name or ID


Then tap the triangle in the bottom right corner or under the “Events” option


Select the ‘Report’ option


Now select the ‘Other’ checkbox by tapping on it


Write down the problem you noticed or encountered and don’t forget to include the players name, player ID or nickname


Press the ‘Send’ button to start the process

PUBG will now verify the complaint you made against that player and close the profile if found guilty.


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