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Asus is a well-known brand that offers budget-friendly laptops, which are highly appreciated for their fast performance, sleek designs and portability. These efficient and technologically advanced computing devices are used for various purposes such as watching a movie, creating documents, listening to songs, doing school homework, playing games and completing office projects.

Ready for creativity – Buy the latest Asus laptop online

Asus is a popular brand based in Taiwan and founded in 1989. Asus laptops come with excellent battery life, high capacity RAM, powerful processor and various other high-end specs at the best prices in India on Smartphone City.

Asus laptops allow you to stay in touch with your friends and family, surf the web and do other things with utmost ease. These budget-friendly computing devices are highly prized for their solid configurations and standout features. Being lightweight, Asus laptops can be easily carried to different places in a backpack.

You can choose from the different options that the brand offers, such as notebooks, zen books, ultrabooks, vivobooks and more. All these highly efficient and versatile laptops increase your productivity with astonishing speed. All you need to do is go through their prices, specs, user ratings, and images to make a suitable purchase in line with your requirements.

An overview of the features & specifications of Asus laptops

Screen size: Asus laptops come with immersive screens that allow you to enjoy playing games, watching movies or video chatting with utmost clarity.

RAM Capacity:y: Asus laptops come with good RAM capacity that allows you to multitask and switch between different applications with amazing speed and without interruption.

Processor: You will experience lag-free and faster performance while accessing multiple apps on Asus laptops as they are equipped with powerful processors. They come with various options such as 8th Generation Intel Core i5, 8th Generation Intel Core i9, 9th Generation Intel Core i9, 10th Generation Intel Core i5, 10th Generation Intel Core i7 and more options.

Battery backup: The battery backup of Asus laptops is commendable. You don’t have to worry about running out of battery while you watch your favorite movie, complete school assignments, play games and do other things.

Compare Asus laptops online and buy them at the best rates

Before making a purchase, you can compare Asus laptops with others based on RAM, processor, screen size, screen resolution, battery capacity, and several other criteria. The table view on comparison gives you a better understanding of the products and their features. You can also read customer reviews and go through user ratings to make a wise choice.

In addition, you can make your online shopping experience unforgettable as there are tempting deals and attractive offers on Asus laptops during special sales and festivals.

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